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Advertisements have become a major source of revenue for many websites and are growing at a rapid pace.

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The advertising business was owned by print media like newspaper and magazines but now with the large web of internet and commercial sites, the advertisement on these websites is growing rapidly. Contact Affordable Web Design for a analysis of your advertising.

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what is the benefit of advertising online?

With many profit generating sites, which mostly rely on advertising income appeasing the advertiser is important, but when you overload a site with too many ads it turns the visitor away.

Our advertising team of experts at Affordable Web Design keeps this in mind and uses tools web banners or banner ad which is a form of advertising services on internet websites delivered by an ad server. This is a kind of embedding an advertisement into a web page with intend to attract more traffic on the website by linking it to the website of the advertiser.

We prepare our advertising services that are image-based rather than text-based. The main purpose of these ads is to promote a brand and get visitors from the host website to the website of the advertiser. By clicking the image on the website, the user is routed to another website which is of the advertiser. These ads consist of an image which is usually in the form of jpg, png, gif or sometimes a media object and can be static as well as animated.


Banner Ads encourages the visitor to go to the advertiser website by clicking on it, and through this method, the ad is paid in many ways of measurements. We create such ads that are very effective to increase the traffic to your website

Print ads prompt the visitor to buy a certain product and to make this ad more attractive and effective we also place it in the form of a banner on the website at a comfortable and visible place, that draws the visitor’s attraction and be informative.

Social Media advertising includes social media activities, email campaigns, websites, and blogs. The ads on social media need to be to the point and very brief, which is what our team, at Affordable Web Design in Edmonton specializes in.

Pay Per Click: As the name suggests, you get paid when someone clicks. This tool can be used throughout the internet and includes embedding ads into blogs, websites and even in email campaigns. These PPC ads can be seen on search engines as text ads, at the top and side of a search session.

Display Ads refer to audio, video or image ads placed on the websites and these ads are usually inserted by an advertisement software. Our company handles such ad placements that are provided by big companies and search engines like Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, etc. These advertisements can also be purchased in the PPC pattern or cost per impression and even as cost per app download. The team that we have has knowledge of various methods and they can help you determine the location of ads and their impression or where they appear.

Video Ad is gaining popularity especially among with the younger generation. One of the trusted survey company reported that video and will generate more than 5 billion in ad revenue in coming time. Since YouTube is the number one platform for videos, it has already implemented video and strategies for its users. Today more and more marketers plan to place an ad on YouTube which is why we work in accord with the schematics related to video ads. Instill your trust in us, and make money as we prepare the best ads for you.


We work with a number of strategies and one of the most effective is retargeting, also known as remarketing. This allows you to market prior to someone actually visiting your website.

Our team makes this happen by creating a cookie using JavaScript, in a visitor’s browser when they visit on the target website page, and once the visitors leave the site, the cookie stays with them and triggers the display of your ad at other websites across the internet like YouTube.

Remarketing is best utilized in search engines and social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Our company makes use of the latest advertising techniques like PPC and retargeting that is being widely used in the websites to generate profits.

Whatever you may need for online advertisement, we definitely have a solution for your business need. We also have tools that are very good for people who have recently started the business and have little revenue to put into business and need expert help. Choose us and get affordable as well as best ad solutions.

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