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SEO or search engine optimization is used to increase the traffic on your website through organic search engine results, in a simpler manner.

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The search engines can make or break a business’s online success. The biggest is obviously Google and they’ve been known to make companies struggle mightily. Their frequent algorithm changes and index updates are legendary among those web designers who are also offering supposed SEO services.

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Search engine optimization is a processing tool with the help of which you can increase both quality and quantity of visitors on your website and give more exposure to your organization, brand, and products through non paid search engines.

This is a process or a way to know and understand what people are more interested about, what are they searching for the most online, the words they are using and what types of content or information they want.

Our team of SEO experts is proficient in figuring this out based on your product as well as website. They are able to reach those people who are searching online for the product or services that your company offers.

The search engines act like the answering machines for you as you search for something on Google or Bing or some other favorite search engine of yours.

The search engine goes through billions of words and content, analyses which content or the word is most likely to give you the information you seek.

SEO specialists in Affordable Web Design are aware of the technology of search engines such as ‘crawling and indexing’.

Here the system goes through each and every content on the internet like, videos, web pages, pdf and images, which is related to the query or word and starts categorizing and then it displays the most suited information related to your query by exact matches of the word or content that is typed in.

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SEO optimizations

Search Engine Optimization, whether on-page or included as part of your social media / link building strategy, is a vital part of all good website design. Our SEO Services are  fundamental and must be considered in all aspects of web design, including:

  • Page & site structure
  • Image inclusion
  • Technologies used in build
  • Responsiveness capabilities
  • Site speed
  • Link hierarchy
  • Keywords & key phrases
  • Social media management
  • Content presentation & optimization
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organic sEO vs non organic sEO

The organic search result is the one where the results are purely from the effective optimization of the search engines and not from a paid search engine that is meant for advertising.

These organic search results can be easily found and do not incur any cost. The non-organic search results are labeled with a blue colored link and are a bit expensive.

Affordable Web Design offers you seo services both the methods where search engine result pages are full of both organic and paid results with featured answer boxes, images, etc.

There are many other ways to increase the traffic on your websites like social sites and other paid ways but you will find that most of the traffic to your website comes from search engines.

We build an effective SEO services as it is the only online marketing channel that promises to pay huge dividends if used and is set up effectively.

Our team at Affordable Web Design helps in the optimization of your website that helps to deliver better information to various search engines. By doing this we make sure that your content can be indexed properly and can be displayed within search results.

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There are two types of SEO processes, white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

White hat SEO practice is an ethical SEO technique and practice that follows the rules set by the search engines which primarily focus on providing more values to people.

Black hat SEO is totally opposite to the white hat as this is non-ethical. It uses strategies and techniques that are against the rules laid by the search engines, and are usually used to spam the search engines.

Affordable Web Design know’s that the Black hat strategies work; however, it certainly puts your website at risk of being penalized. It may even be removed from the search results which can result in a tremendous jolt to your business.

It is very important to be very careful and to be alert before choosing an SEO expert or agency for your website. There are certain guidelines made by search engines for SEO experts or agencies that have to be followed without any failure.

Our SEO experts follow the set of guidelines that are relative to White hat SEO, mostly defined by the biggest search engine, Google.

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our main objective

We follow the primary and the most important principles laid down by search engines that never deceive your users.

Our specialists create a website that has valuable content and is engaging.

We ensure that the website pages are primarily made for the users and not for search engines.

We do not use wrong or non-ethical tricks or techniques to improve the search engine ranking.